Valeria Rachel Herrera - Print Offering

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The complex interplay between assembly and image is held together by an allover diamond grid that joins the various parts into a cohesive three-dimensional construct. The dynamism that results from the layers of interpenetrating elements and overlapping surfaces constructs a receding three-dimensional matrix that provides the genesis for Herrera’s thinking about complex space.

This work is a built-up palimpsest of archeological layers and simultaneous actions of addition and subtraction. Moments of superimposition, whiteout, and erasure reveal a liberating way to think about urban scenes, spaces and perpetual movement. In these images the city is presented as an energetic world of enmeshed elements and spaces – one less interested in an idealized utopia than in an urban landscape of confluence and cinematic complexity– a place that suggests a nomadic existence confined to a labyrinthine world that engages the drama of contemporary life.

Valeria Rachel Herrera is an artist and designer who works in a variety of media including printmaking, sculpture, drawing and architectural explorations. Herrera’s work combines a conceptual interest in illusory, environmental and architectural space, place and time - both imagined and real - that records superimposed conditions of memory. Her interest in materiality and technique pushes her work to explore the expanding capacity of print media.

Valeria holds an MFA in Printmaking from the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) and a Bachelor of Architecture degree from the Syracuse University School of Architecture, where she serves as a full-time Assistant Teaching Professor. Her recent exhibitions and publications include The Cornell Journal of Architecture, the RISD Museum, Print Austin, Il Bisonte, The Contemporary Center for Printmaking and her work is held in the permanent collections of the RISD Museum and the RISD Fleet Library.