RM-CG 12" x 18" Double-Sided, Self-Healing Rotary Mat, Aqua

$20.99 USD

The OLFA Double-Sided Rotary Mat is perfect for crafters looking for a superior cutting surface to enhance their projects. The 12-inch by 18-inch OLFA cutting mat also comes in four colors. Choose from many different colors besides aqua, such as green, pink, or navy (quilting/sewing kit only). To preserve mat life and quality, only rotary blades are recommended to be used on this mat. 

The use of this high-quality rotary mat results in extended blade life for your rotary tools. 

Our triple-layer heat-welded construction process provides increased durability and lasting performance. 

This self-healing mat provides an ideal cutting surface for any crafter. 

One side of the mat provides a grid for accurate cutting while the flip side is blank for more general cutting.