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Dive into the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the G-SHOCK Master of G Frogman family of full-fledged diver’s watches with ISO-standard 200-meter water resistance.

The first-ever FROGMAN made quite a splash when it launched back in 1993. The second limited edition to commemorate the 30th FROGMAN anniversary in 2023 takes the GWFA1000 to a whole new level, with a special design inspired by the poison dart frog.

The multicolor carbon bezel evokes the mysterious hues of this rare species of colorful frog living in the South American Amazon. Cut from a base material of colorful carbon and glass fibers laminated in random patterns, no two bezels are exactly alike, reflecting the rarity of this frog species.

The combination of strikingly colorful bezel and translucent urethane reproduces the look and feel of the water-loving poison dart frog. The band is printed with polarized ink to evoke the speckled pattern of a frog — a touch repeated on the case back with the iconic frog character reimagined as a poison dart frog

Resin Band

200-meter water resistance

Tough Solar (Solar powered)

Shock Resistant