$195.00 USD

A plush dinosaur toy from Byborre made in collaboration with Parley Ocean Plastics. The plush toy is made with a combination of 3D knit, OTMTM knit, and AO2 knit fabrics, and is filled with recycled cotton padding. The toy uses un-dyed yarn from Parley Ocean Plastic which is created from upcycled plastic waste that was intercepted from beaches and coastal communities before reaching the ocean.


Byborre branded metal button eyes.

Knit: 76% recycled polyethylene terephthalate/ 24% recycled polyester fill

Filling: 100% recycled cotton -

3D knit 

OTMTM knit 

AO2 knit 

Made in the Netherlands

Created in collaboration with Parley Ocean Plastic - Parley Ocean Plastic yarn is un-dyed and derived directly from the feedstock material itself up-cycled plastic waste.