B Issue 86 - USM

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B is a monthly publication from Korea dedicated to showing the history, identity, and design process of an iconic brand in each issue.

The 86th issue of the magazine B is'USM', a Swiss furniture brand that presents infinite possibilities through simplicity.

USM is a brand launched by Ulrich Scherer in 1885 in Münzingen, a small town in Bern, Switzerland. Initially, it was a metalworking company that produced locks and hinges, but when the third generation Paul Scherer joined the management in 1961, it has grown into today's world-class modular furniture brand. The USM Haller System, a modular furniture made in 1965 by Paul Scherer in collaboration with Fritz Haller, a functionalist architect, is recognized as the essence of sustainability that demonstrates an unchanging modernity by practicing the functionalist aesthetic of ‘form follows function.’