Mag-Reel SQR

$42.00 USD

Japan's Root Co. Gravity Mag-Reel SQR is a code reel gear holder with a tactical magnet built-in that combines functionality and practicality. The upper part of the main body is equipped with a slit "loop" instead of a carabiner. The magnetic joint can be rotated 360 degrees, with load bearing ability up to 3.4kg. Overall, the length of the extendable reel is 85cm.



Magnet load capacity

6.17 lbs (recommended hanging weight .66 lbs)

Note: If you apply a load of 1.5 kg or more while the line is fully stretched, the main body may be damaged causing the line to detach. Do not apply excessive force or use excessive force when attaching or removing this product. Doing so may damage it.